Sunday, February 25, 2007

Forex day Trading - Weighted Moving Average (WMA)

Forex day Trading - Weighted Moving Average (WMA)

While simple average is used more only, the some people analytics prefer to pay additional attention more to late action of the price This idea supports weighted average environment sliding. Weighed average gives more weights to latest candles for trading-They to the price data and have less than weight to the perspective prices. This is the reason weighed average is more sensitive than Simple moving average in any trading environment such as currency or stocks or commodities etc.., also is more close directed to price trend smoothed moving average technical indicator- most popular of it is weigheded average or exponential moving average (EMA).

This average defines percentage value of the currency pair's latest price in which day which then increases to percentage value is the latest candlestick on the forex day trading chart.
Computers allow the user to translate these percentageWeighings during the time periods for easier comparison.

For example, 5% weighed it is equivalent 40 moving average. The one who wants 40-day's average sliding, for example, between simple moving average, weighed by average or exponential average, having pressed all on one button on the currency day chart for trading. If you want to experiment with weighted moving average, this explanation will help you to understand distinctions.

Are you able to get hang of day trading using this indicator in forex trading market?

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